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  • Welcome to Kashgar Tourism International Ltd (also known as Uighur Tours): a registered international travel company based in Kashgar, Xinjiang China. For the past 13 years, we’ve excelled at providing the most up-to-date travel information, as well as the best possible service along the Silk Road from Xian to Kashgar. We’ve worked with diverse organizations and media outlets alike such as National Geographic, the BBC, Malaysian TV3 and the US embassy in China. Several Guide books including Lonely Planet, Frommers and China’s Central Asia continue to mention our names as one of the most reliable tour operators in the country. If you have any further questions about us, please visit our “Travel with us Confidently” page to find more information about our company.

14-Day from Xian to Kashgar

you will visit the historical and attractive ancient cities along the Silk road , experience Islamic culture by visiting mosques as well as Buddhism influence with temples


17-Day fully Xinjiang discovery

Are you Looking for a lifetime adventure, you are on the right place, This tour takes you to snow capped mountains like Kunlun, spectacular scenery of grassland in Bayinbulak, sea of death Taklamakan and beautiful lakes like Kanas


9-day exploring Kashgar

Experience Uighur , Kyrgyz and Tajik Culture ; Conjunction tours with freezing cold snow capped mountains on the Karakoram Highway and extremely hot and dry Taklimakan desert with some camel trekking

China Silk Road Top Destinations

Kashgar Tours

Li River

  • Kashgar Travel Guide
  • Karakul Lake
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Turpan Tours

Li River

  • Turpan Travel Guide
  • Ancient City of Jiaohe
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Dunhuang Tours

Li River

  • Dunhuang Travel Guide
  • Mogao Grottoes
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Xian Tours

Li River

  • Xian Travel Guide
  • The Terracotta Army
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Urumqi Tours

Li River

  • Urumqi Travel Guide
  • Heavenly Lake
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